How languages will support us to study MBBS in Philippines?

At St. John’s EDUCARE we firmly believe that the secret in education lies in respecting the students. It is our motto to ceaselessly deliver better education. We lay our supreme focus on our high-skilled team to tend to the students’ needs with our extensive knowledge base study MBBS in Philippines.

Conditions In Philippines

LANGUAGE: As English is an official language of Philippines, along with Filipino, the medium of teaching is English in a lot of reputed universities and medical schools. Therefore, it encourages foreign students to pursue their studies in Philippines.

CLIMATE: Since Philippines boasts a tropical climate, the Indian students adapt well and quick and feel more at home and ease.

MEDICAL PRACTICE: The health conditions of the patients of Philippines and their medical concerns, match that of the Indians. Hence, Indian students need not hesitate to put their medical knowledge and practice gained in Philippines into use in India.

AMBIENCE: Filipinos are great hosts. They are friendly and understanding. Philippines enjoys diverse races of people from different region. The country is extremely safe, even for foreigners, women and children.

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